Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds, also known as Dual shades, provide a multifunctional use during the day with their transitional structure. This product, which is the favorite of recent times, can be in many colors and patterns

Roll It. Change It. Feel It.

It basically have 3 positions.

Zebra blinds, like living organisms, can be used in many variations according to your needs, mood and preferences. It provides you more than roll up and down, with the ability to easily switch between various positions. These positions, which have obvious differences between them in terms of light and privacy, more than meet your needs.

Pure View

You can easily roll the whole shade up to have a pure view to outside. When the product is in this position, the light entering the interior is at the highest rate. It connects your living environment with the outside world.

Halfway Open & Close

You can leave the zebra blinds to cover the desired part of your window. In this position, by moving the product slightly, you can change its state and keep the light control at the maximum level.

Completely Closed

This is the position of the product that transmits the least light to the interior. Blackout products are most effective in this location. In this case, your privacy is fully protected.


Operating options

We have motorized systems for easier use. You can easily move your curtain with the help of a button. Motorization allows consumers to be more protected against harmful damages that cord can cause.

Our blinds are customizable to be safe for kids. Cordless blinds are the second option we suggest to prevent harmful accidents.

Classic zebra blinds working with chain.

Chain options

  • Metal
  • Plastic

**Corded Window Coverings Regulations

Casing options

Fabric wrapped case. Your case will match your product and complete the whole of the window treatment.

Regular white covering. Perfect for white fabric.

Opacity options

With its light filtering feature, it protects your privacy, protects from the burning effect of the sun in summer and contributes to insulation in winter.

In cases where you want to completely cut off the light, such as sleeping, watching movies, our blackout feature is available in all of our products.

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