Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are the most heat-effective shades among all others. If your aim is simply blocking the heat and contrubute to the insulation and energy saving, cellular shades are just for you. You can even combine 2 shades to have a better vibe!

Light Transition

Sheer Level Cellular

The sheer level cellulars give more view. The best option is to filter the burning effects of the sunlight and have some vision simultaneously. Most commonly combined with a second opaque layer for privacy purposes.

Light Filtering

The light filtering option allows light to come in. You have a bright and fresh feeling in the room while keeping your privacy at the highest concern.

Light Blocking

The light Blocking option block more light to make your room darker. Specially designed reflection layer material will cut off most of the light completely.

Control Options

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The mechanism that doesn’t require a cord to control blinds. Simply push or pull the product from the bottom rail.


Motorized remote control! Compatible with smart home systems such as Alexa or Google Assistant.


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