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#1 Quality

We manufacture and serve the best quality of blinds, shades and curtains.

Expert in Blinds Industry

We are here to offer the best service. With our 22 years in the business, we work with expert and best units.

Affordable products

Since we are a manufacturing company, we remove other retailers between you and us. We guarantee the best prices.

100% Warranty

All products come with warranty. Even though you can use our products for life time, we still cover your products with 5 years warranty.

How to Order Your Blinds?

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4 Enjoy your blinds


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Our blinds are produced from materials that offer the easiest cleaning opportunity against dirt. You can wipe our blinds with a dry cloth or buy from special cleaners for deeper cleaning. In addition, all products except wood and plastic are suitable for dry cleaning. Our fabrics are easily cleaned in the washing machine and do not damage the machine.

Although our curtains can be easily installed and removed with auxiliary parts, we recommend you to get professional help because there are no problems that our expert team cannot solve on issues such as frame, mounted surface, etc.

As a user, your responsibility is to follow the instructions given during installation and to keep away materials from piercing, cutting, and fabrics harmful to fabrics. All of our fabrics are covered by a 5-year warranty and plastic or metal parts under a 7-year warranty.

Design choices are very important to protect the whole of a room. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you complete the blinds part of your room after everything and follow the trends in the room. If your room has a simpler and more modern look, we recommend more pale and patternless samples for curtains, and if you like more glamor, we recommend gilded and bright products. As the color choice, you should choose the least available color in the room. If your room has mostly dark colors, you should choose a light tone for the curtain and a dark tone for the curtain if it has light colors. We look forward to discovering for you and offering the most suitable options for your room.