Roller Blinds

Roller blinds provide a multifunctional use during the day with their transitional structure. Roller Blinds, which are the favorite of recent times, can be in many colors and patterns.

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70% Cotton

30% Polyester



We have motorized systems for easier use. You can easily move your curtain with the help of a button. Motorization allows consumers to be more protected against harmful damages that cord can cause.

Classic zebra blinds working with chain.

Chain options

  • Metal
  • Plastic

Our blinds are customizable to be safe for kids. Cordless blinds are the second option we suggest to prevent harmful accidents.


With its light filtering feature, it protects your privacy, protects from the burning effect of the sun in summer and contributes to insulation in winter.

In cases where you want to completely cut off the light, such as sleeping, watching movies, our blackout feature is available in zebra blinds as in other products.


Roller shades works like zebra shades but has only one layer. We recommend this single layer screen to our customers who expect higher performance in blackout products. Roller shades are more effective than zebra shades to darken your room. In addition, we recommend transparent rollers called screens for areas such as office, kitchen and entrance.

Blackout roller shades is a specially developed type of roller that will protect your room from 99% light. This special product contains 3 different layers and the middle layer is completely black. If you are a day sleeper, this product is just for you.

Light filtering roller shades is a kind of single-ply blinds model and provides 100% privacy. It prevents the interior from being seen from outdoors, including when there is light inside, and adds a modern simplicity to your home. After all, simplicity is the peak of complexity.

Meet our screen models that offer the opportunity to combine natural life with offices, kitchens, halls and many other similar spaces with their transparent feature and prevent some of the light entering.